Body Fund Revenge (2013)

Body Fund Revenge (2013)
Body Fund Revenge (2013)


One year after being married, Kyoko spends her happy days with Yukihiko, her husband. But suddenly, Yukihiko disappears and leaves Kyoko the burden of paying his debt to his shady company. Kyoko has to work in a gentleman’s club and become a whore to pay for her husband’s debt.

Details for the movie Body Fund Revenge (2013)

Other Title: ボディ・ファンドされた女

Director: Hiroshi Yokoyama

Starring: Taichi Miyazaki, Musashi Nagato, Sasa Handa

Genre: Pinku

Country: Japan

Cheating Scenes in the movie Body Fund Revenge (2013)

Note: Watched without subtitles.

Kyoko’s husband disappears one day and his shady company sends a henchman to her house to tell her that she has now the responsibity to pay for her husband’s debts. She is forced to work in a club owned by the company. One night, she spills a drink on one of the club’s customers so the lady floor manager tries to teach her a lesson by having one of her goons rape her. The goon starts raping her on a couch and has managed to pull down her blouse, exposing her huge breasts, and pull her panties down to her thighs. But then the club boss saves her, not because he is a nice guy, really, but because he fancies her. He brings her home and fucks her. It seems that Kyoko is also attracted to him, so she willingly has sex with him, despite knowing the fact that her husband may still be alive and just hiding somewhere.

In the morning, Kyoko serves tea to the club boss while wearing nothing but an apron (she looks sexy in it).  He is in front of his laptop and viewing a website. Kyoko gets curious so he lets her browse the web site and at the same time, he inserts his hands under her apron and fondles her boobs.

Kyoko asks the club boss about the “Body Fund” website in his browser. Apparently, “Body Fund” is an escort service and the club boss explains to her what it is about. Kyoko is interested to join the group, as she thinks the higher pay will enable her to pay her husband’s debt faster.

Kyoko joins the escort company and is led to a dark room to meet the boss. She doesn’t really see the boss, let’s call him Big Brother, but can only converse with him. For her test, Big Brother makes her expose her bottom to some random guy in the streets and give him a blowjob in a rooftop nearby.

After Kyoko passes her first test, she starts receiving clients and we see her reluctantly fucking men that she is not attracted to. One of her clients is a dirty, unshaven bespectacled artist type guy. Another one is someone whose fetish is to photograph her in her panties and to masturbate while watching her touch herself. And another one is a fat guy who fucks her on a table in an outdoor playground.

Kyoko sees her husband again and gets eaten out by the club boss in front of him

Kyoko enters the dark room again to talk to Big Brother. The club boss enters and he brings along with him Kyoko’s husband, bound and gagged and crawling on the floor. It turns out that the company itself is the one who kidnapped him because of his debt. The club boss ties Kyoko on the chair, then he fondles her boobs and eats her pussy in front of her husband. Somehow, Kyoko manages to convince him that they should switch places. So he gets tied down to the chair and Kyoko starts working on him. But when he gets his guard down, Kyoko chokes him with his own tie and he dies.

Kyoko gets the knife, cuts the rope that ties her husband’s hands and removes his gag. She talks to him a bit, then stabs and kills him with the knife. She probably blames him for not paying his debt and getting themselves in this mess. After this, she talks to Big Brother and bows to the direction where his voice is coming from. It seems that she decided to be one of his full-time whores from now on. Either the pay is that good, or she starts liking fucking strange, ugly men, or both.


I have learned to appreciate Kyoko’s huge breasts as the movie goes along. Damn, they look fine. Plus, it’s quite erotic to see her reluctantly fuck men that she’s not attracted to.

Body Fund Revenge (2013) - screenshots
Body Fund Revenge (2013) – screenshots

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