China Moon (1994) – Madeleine Stowe
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China Moon (1994)


Police Detective Kyle Bodine falls in love with the wife of a banker. After a violent altercation that leads her to shoot her husband, she convinces Kyle to help her hide the body or else she will be jailed. Kyle’s partner is showing an impressive flair for finding clues and may know more about the case than what he is showing.

Details for the movie China Moon (1994)

Director: John Bailey

Starring: Ed Harris, Madeleine Stowe, Charles Dance

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Romance

Country: USA

Cheating Scenes in China Moon (1994)

The cop (Ed Harris) sees the wife (Madeleine Stowe) in a bar by herself. He approaches her and talks to her. They have a good rapport and she says he is just about to sweep her off her feet, but unfortunately she has to go. The cop doesn’t even get her name so he gets that information from the wife’s credit card receipt at the bar.

Later on the same night, we see the wife at her home, looking at pictures of his cheating husband and his other woman.

The next day,  the cop gets to find her and talk to her. He introduces himself properly and tells her he wants to see her sometime. She says it’s not possible and starts to leave. He says he’ll call her anyway. She jokes that she’ll call the police. The cop smiles and shows his badge to let her know that he is the police.

During dinner, her husband asks the wife if there’s something wrong because she acts like she’s keeping something from him. The wife asks him how she is acting, “Like I’m having a wild sexual affair?” The husband asks “Are you?” The wife looks at him and bats her eye and says “No.” and asks her husband the same question. The husband asks why she would think that. They are playing a game of bluff.

The wife calls the cop at the police station and meets him for dinner. They share some good laughs and have a good time.

The husband goes off to fly somewhere. The wife and the cop go to a lake to go canoeing. They hold hands while approaching the lake. When they’re at the canoe in the middle of the lake, the wife takes off her clothes in front of the cop. She stares at him while he takes in and enjoys her naked body. She jumps into the water and goes for a swim.

The cop takes his clothes off and jumps into the water too. He comes near her and they kiss and presumably have sex in the water.

They meet again one night. Her husband is still away so the cop comes to her house and they kiss on the front porch. She is wearing a nice black dress and takes her wedding ring off before he came.


China Moon (1994)
China Moon (1994) – screenshots

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