Bahid (2002) aka Stain
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Bahid (2002)


Erika (Assunta de Rossi) is a commercial model who lives with her older sister Loida (Dina Bonnevie) and her husband Lorenzo, a rich, old and cruel businessman who doesn’t have qualms about killing people to gain an advantage in business and in his personal life. Lorenzo has become sort of a foster father to Erika. He has a son named Rodney from a different mother and Erika is in love with him and marries him. Rodney refuses to leave his dad’s home and this sets off Erika as she wants to be as far away as possible from Lorenzo due to some deep scars that he had given her in the past and even in the present. A series of events will lead to those scars getting unfolded and revealed.

Details for the movie Bahid (2002)

Director: Joel Lamangan

Starring: Assunta de Rossi, Dina Bonnevie, Eddie Garcia, Diether Ocampo

Genre: Drama

Country: Philippines

Language: Filipino

Cheating Scenes in Bahid (2002)

Erika videocalls her boyfriend Rodney who is currently in the US. Rodney tells her that maybe she’s playing with the male models she’s working with. They seem to be really in love with each other by the way they talk.

However, as much as Erika seems to be very much in love with Rodney, this doesn’t stop her from cheating on him. It seems Rodney is right about her because she is indeed playing with a male model named Nathan.

Erika stays in Nathan’s house for three days to evade her guards. But when she arrives in his home, she must convince him first to let her stay because Nathan is worried that Lorenzo might charge him with kidnapping. So Erika teases him a bit and makes out with him while she is lying on a table and he is seated on a chair. It isn’t shown but she most probably has sex with him during her three-day stay in his place.

Rodney comes home from the States. He and Erika have sex. He wants to marry her, but she says it’s kind of not right because he is the son of her sister’s husband, she considers his father as her foster father and they practically grow up together like siblings.

Rodney tells his dad about him wanting to marry Erika. Lorenzo tells him his girlfriend should come to him personally to ask for his blessings. So she does, but with reluctance.

Erika comes to Nathan’s house to vent her frustration about Rodney’s lack of balls when it comes to his father. They just talk and do not have sex.

Erika and Rodney’s wedding day comes. Nathan is among the guests.

One day, Erika argues with Rodney because she wants them to live away from Lorenzo but Rodney does not want it, at least for the first six months. Erika also learns from her manager that advertisers are avoiding her as a model for their ads because of Lorenzo’s meddling. Earlier in the movie, Lorenzo has her semi-nude billboard ads removed from the streets.

Because of these frustrations, Erika is back in the arms of Nathan. She has sex with him and this time we get to see it.

Erika and Rodney fight while in a vehicle. She tells him that his father had attempted to rape her several times in the past. Rodney gets mad instead of believing her. He tells her that she should be grateful that his father married her sister even if she was a rape victim. He makes her get off the car.

Rodney arrives home to find his stepmom Loida drinking. Rodney is already drunk himself. They find consolation in each other and make out. Loida comes to her senses and pushes him away.

Erika and Rodney have a confrontation again and Loida is with them this time. Contrary to what she said earlier, Erika tells Rodney that his father was really able to rape her several times in the past: when they were very young; when he was in the United States; and just recently when she asked for his blessings a week before their marriage. Loida attests to this. Rodney is frustrated and tells Erika about what happened between him and Loida that one night. Erika starts attacking her sister, but Loida explains to her that they were drunk that night and that it didn’t lead to them having sex.

Loida and Erika hatch up a plan to make all hell break loose between the father and son. Erika lures Lorenzo into bed, then Loida brings Rodney with her to catch Lorenzo fucking Erika. Rodney shouts “Dad!” at the top of his lungs upon seeing his father pounding his wife inside a hotel room.


Bahid (2002)
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