Sa Aking Puso (1992) aka In My Heart

June 5, 2017

Janet hooks up with her classmate Bong even if she has a bf (Jigger) in the States. When Jigger comes home, she confesses to him that she went with Bong to a motel and fucked him because she pitied him. Plus, Bong gets seduced by his cousin’s mistress.

Remember the Daze (2007) – Amber Heard

June 13, 2017

Julia is thinking of breaking up with her boyfriend but she wants to test the waters first to see if she will regret it. The guy she has in mind to cheat with is the boyfriend of her best friend Stacey. Stacey also sleeps with someone she meets at the party when she and her boyfriend are fighting.

Take Me (1991)

Take Me (1991)

December 29, 2016

A widow takes on two boyfriends after her husband dies. The ghost of her husband sticks around to help her choose but he can’t help getting jealous. Starring Veronica Yip.

Bahid (2002)

Bahid (2002) aka Stain

January 21, 2017

A model wife cheats with a male model before and after she gets married. She also lures her husband’s father to have sex with her and has her husband catch them intentionally.