Selosa (1997) aka The Jealous Type
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Selosa (1997)
Selosa (1997)


Charlie is the boyfriend who believes that the best way to keep his woman’s love is to make her jealous. Amanda gives him a taste of his own medicine by hiring a handsome automobile mechanic to pretend as her lover. Things get complicated when she gets seduced by the mechanic and the mechanic falls for her.

Details for the movie Selosa (1997)

Director: Mel Chionglo

Starring: Rosanna Roces, Lara Morena, Emilio Garcia, Patrick Guzman

Genre: Drama

Country: Philippines

Language: Filipino

Cheating Scenes in Selosa (1997)

Note: Watched without subtitles

Amanda (Rosanna Roces) catches her boyfriend Charlie cheating on her with Cherrie Pie (Lara Morena) several times. So to make Charlie jealous, she decides to hire an automobile mechanic (Dado) who works in her company to pretend to be her lover.

Amanda tells Dado the rules of their deal. He should not go overboard in touching her. A touch in the neck and hand or maybe a kiss in the cheek will do if it can’t be avoided, but no more than those.

Amanda brings Dado to a club where she knew Charlie would be, along with one of his skanks. She dances and grinds on Dado’s dick in front of Charlie. She introduces Dado to Charlie as her friend. Charlie grudgingly introduces himself to Dado as Amanda’s boyfriend while Amanda is ironically in Dado’s arms. Charlie also introduces the girl he’s with. Amanda excuses herself and continues to dance with Dado (with their bodies touching) in front of Charlie.

Charlie confronts Amanda at her home the next day. Basically, this is how their conversation goes:

Amanda: If you can date others, why can’t I?

Charlie: Because you’re a girl, so you can get pregnant, unlike me.

Amanda: It’s not like I’m going to let Dado impregnate me. It’s still you that I want to marry.

Charlie: What if something happens between you two?

Amanda: Why? Didn’t something happen between you and your women already?

Charlie: Like I said, I’m a man!

Amanda: Oh yeah? Well, if you can do it, then I can too! We’re going to have an open relationship from now on!

Charlie leaves Amanda’s house feeling mad and frustrated.

Amanda continues dating Dado and they become closer to each other. Charlie continues seeing Cherrie Pie too. We see them make out heavily on a pool and by the poolside.

Amanda and Dado go to the beach and set up a tent for an overnight stay. In the evening, Amanda becomes emotional over her boyfriend. Dado comforts her and kisses her. She kisses back and they have sex inside the tent. The next morning, Dado pulls her back inside the tent to have sex with her again.

The next thing you know, it’s night time already and we see them just finishing having sex. So maybe they had sex all day which extends up to the evening. Amanda sits up and suddenly feels guilty. She tells Dado that this isn’t what their deal was. This will have to stop since they’re just supposed to be pretending to be lovers to make her boyfriend jealous and not actually have sex. She admits that she got carried away, that’s why she fucked him.

Dado drives Amanda home the same night, but Charlie is waiting in front of Amanda’s house. Charlie and Dado have a fistfight. Amanda ends up picking Charlie.

Amanda gets back with Charlie. Dado calls her and wants to meet her. She refuses, telling him that she loves Charlie and what happened between them was just a deal and nothing more.

Dado keeps harassing Amanda, wanting to get back with her and see her even if it’s not as frequent before. Amanda tells him that even if she still wants to see him, it’s not possible anymore because Charlie might find out. She also tells him that they are about to get married. Dado warns her that he will tell Charlie about their deal if she continues on refusing.

Amanda seeks advice from her gay friend. He tells her to just admit it to Charlie. She replies, “Should I also tell him that I fucked Dado as well?” He doesn’t have an answer to that.

Dado eventually tells Charlie about her deal with Amanda. But it backfires. Charlie is actually happy that Amanda just pretended to have a lover to make him jealous.

Charlie ends his relationship with Cherrie Pie. Cherrie Pie is pissed because it means he will not continue on helping her on her career as a model, and not because she really has real feelings for him.

Dado sees Charlie again and this time, he tells him that he is the father of the child that Amanda is carrying in her womb. Charlie punches him. Dado doesn’t retaliate but he tells him to ask Amanda about it.

Charlie confronts Amanda and asks her who the father of her child is. Amanda says that it’s him, of course. Charlie is able to make her admit that she had sex with Dado.

Cherrie Pie approaches Dado. They fall for each other.

Now that Dado has Cherrie Pie, he tells Charlie that he lied about him being the father of Amanda’s child. Charlie says it doesn’t matter because his wedding with Amanda is off. Dado also says sorry to Amanda.

Later, Charlie and Amanda get back together.

Selosa (1997) - screenshots
Selosa (1997) – screenshots

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