Delicious Delivery (2015)
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Delicious Delivery (2015)


A delivery boy finds that delivering package is not that dull when he is able to score with three bored housewives who have nothing much going on in their lives except well, receive packages. The three housewives are so gracious and open-minded that not only are they okay with sharing him among them, but also helps him find a new girlfriend.

Details for Delicious Delivery (2015)

Other Title: 맛있는 택배

Director: Gi Dae-ho (기대호)

Starring: Song Gi-joon, Son Ga-ram, Lee Ye-eun

Genre: RomanceComedy

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Cheating Scenes in Delicious Delivery (2015)

Note: Watched without subtitle.

Delivery guy delivers to Housewife #1. When he turns his back on her, she checks out his butt and licks her lips.

Guy delivers to Housewife #2. She tells her to stay and have tea. She looks at him drinking his tea and licks her lips too.

Guy delivers to Housewife #3 who is seen arguing with her husband. Her husband leaves. She angrily takes the package away from the guy. No licking of lips from her.

Guy delivers a package again to Housewife #1. She makes him stay and while he’s drinking juice, she pulls out the content of the package. It’s a dildo and she plays with it in front of him. He couldn’t resist the sight so he grabs her boobs and eats her. They have sex on her dining table.

Housewife #3 has a problem with her SUV on the road and the delivery guy helps him. Because of this, she warms up to him. But no come-ons from her.

Guy delivers a package again to Housewife #2, who has a tea ready for him the minute he shows up at her front door. The tea spills and the guy takes off his clothes and comes with her to the bathroom so she can wash it. There, she makes an advance towards him, sucks his nipple and gives him a blowjob. He bangs her from behind standing up. He turns the faucet on so that the water will drown their moans and her grandparents will not hear them.

The three housewives meet and talk. Housewife #1 and #2 is consoling Housewife #3 (whom the delivery guy hasn’t bang yet) because of her problem with her cheating husband. Also, maybe they’re telling her to cheat too? Not sure.

Guy delivers to Housewife #1 again and they have sex with a bit of role-playing and masochism. He bangs her in her house’s floor.

Guy delivers to Housewife #3 and finds her about to leave and spy on her husband who she thinks is cheating. He accompanies her and together they catch her husband leaving a motel room with a fat lady.

As soon as the delivery guy and Housewife #3 reach her home, she starts kissing him aggressively, hell-bent on getting revenge at her husband. He resists her, maybe telling her that she’s not thinking right at that moment. She cries on his shoulder. It wasn’t shown but it’s implied they have sex.

Guy delivers to each of the three housewives and bangs them again one by one. At the end of the day, he looks tired.

The three housewives and the guy meet and agree that it is best that they share him among the three of them. Later, they even help him seduce a young non-married female. Lucky bastard.

Delicious Delivery (2015)
Delicious Delivery (2015) – screenshots

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