Akin Ka Ngayong Gabi (1999) aka You’re Mine Tonight – Philippines
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Akin Ka Ngayong Gabi


It’s a classic rich guy, poor girl story. The family of Divina (Katrina Paula) has been working for Randy’s rich family as servants. When Divina grows up, it is her turn to become a maid to the family. Randy notices her beauty after being gone for a long time and falls in love with her. With the objection of his parents, Randy marries Divina and has to face the baggage it brings, including Divina’s past. Rodel, who has been in love with Divina for the longest time also cannot accept Divina’s marriage to Randy and will do whatever it takes to destroy it.

Details for the movie Akin Ka Ngayong Gabi (1999)

Director: Rolly Bernardo

Starring: Katrina Paula, Toffee Calma, Kristina Kasten

Genre: Drama, Romance

Country: Philippines

Language: Filipino

Rape, Cheating Scenes in Akin Ka Ngayong Gabi (1999)

Early in the movie, we can see that Divina (Katrina Paula) is really rape-bait material when someone in her village tries to rape her in broad daylight. Her friend Rodel, who is in love with her but is in her friend zone territory, saves her.

While sweeping in the garden, the father of Randy, Divina’s future husband, pinches her butt. She objects and warns him she will tell his wife.

Divina becomes Randy’s girlfriend. They try to have sex but Divina cannot do it because of a traumatic memory that involves her mother.

Rodel is disappointed that Divina became Randy’s girlfriend. He tells Divina that he loves her. She rejects her so it’s his turn to try to rape her. Randy and another guy save Divina.

Divina and Randy get married. They didn’t consummate their marriage outright because of Divina’s trauma. Randy is willing to wait for a while, so Divina remains a virgin.

One night, the couple eats some food and drinks orange juice in their home. It turns out that Rodel put some date rape drugs on their juice. So while they are heavily making out and seemingly about to consummate their marriage, they both pass out. Rodel enters their bedroom and rapes and impregnates the unconscious Divina right beside her husband.

When the couple wakes up in the morning, blood is seeping from Divina’s vagina which indicates that she has been deflowered. Randy is furious because he is certain that he is not the one who did it. Because of this, he leaves Divina. And who is there to comfort Divina when that happens? Why of course, the friend zoned rapist Rodel. He visits Divina regularly after the couple’s separation to the dismay of his own wife. Yet Divina keeps him in the friend zone and preserves herself for the time that her husband will come back to her.

Rodel’s wife hates Divina even though Divina doesn’t let Rodel score, so she screws Divina’s husband as revenge.

We also see in flashback that Divina’s mother cheated on her father and accepted money for sex when her father was working overseas. Her father’s second wife also cheated on him. Talk about a two-time cuckold.


Akin Ka Ngayong Gabi (1999)
Akin Ka Ngayong Gabi (1999) – screenshots

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