Bal badem (1979)


Wife gets raped by two friends of her husband. She comes under the custody of a doctor (?) for treatment. The rape makes her crave sexually. She seduces the doctor but he doesn’t go for it, so she fucks his friend who hangs around in his house instead. When the doctor finds out about their tryst, he scolds her. She runs away, stops a truck on the road and fucks the driver inside it. Some […]

S&M Hunter: Wife to Be Molested (1987)


This one stars dexterous Shihori Na gasaka, from Masaru Konuma’s Woman In A Box 2 (1986) and Erotic Seduction: Flesh Bondage (1987), in a contrived tale of corporate decadence and barbaric behavior. She plays the wife of an up and coming executive who must succumb to the animalistic cravings of the board of directors to protect her husband’s position in the company.

Tokyo Train Girls 2: Supervixen (2008)


Two years into a marriage with the heir of a wealthy family, Ayumi is already feeling distant from her husband. The reason is her coercion into nightly perverted activities by the sadistic inclinations of her sadistic husband. In addition, he also pretends as a train molester and engages her in molestation sessions during her daily train commute. A stranger ultimately shows up at Ayumi’s house and rapes her. She realizes it has all been captured […]

Indecent Woman (1999)


Upon knowing that her husband purposefully exchanged her body for business, Lam lost her control and killed her husband and devised a plan to lure her husband’s business partner and murdered him as well. Lam had a good impression on Ka-Wah and in order to make him hers, she forced his girlfriend to commit suicide but fortunately, she escaped and when the police came they found Ka-Wah tied up on the bed. Upon arresting Lam, […]

Bridal Doll (1979)


Rie (newcomer Asako Kurayoshi) is sold to a man (Hiroshi Unayama) who enjoys a good S&M session in the evening, just before bedtime. The woman, dressed in traditional wedding attire, is abused by her master everyday. One day, from a window, a young man named Eguchi (Jun Nakahara) sees the assault and decides to save the poor girl. He captures the sadist’s wife (Izumi Shima) and puts her through the same tortures . After a […]

Okusama wa Michael


Mika Amano, a newly married woman, discovers an alien who crashed on earth. This alien named Furuu can take the shape of any article of clothing. Her husband, Dr. Shinichi Amano, works at a small clinic and discovers an interesting side effect to a new experimental drug.

Trap of the Special Affairs Division Female Prisoner (2018)


Kojima Ayano falls into a frame-up orchestrated by someone and turns from an ace detective to a criminal in an instant. She is charged with possession of drugs. She is imprisoned and tries to determine who framed her up but it’s not easy doing her investigation from the inside. With the help of her husband, Takanori, she investigates her first suspect, Yamazaki, her boss, because she recalls an incident where she stumbles into some of […]

A Horny Woman’s Afternoon Without Her Husband Nanami Kawakami [ADN-112]


It is a scorching hot afternoon and Nanami Kawakami’s air conditioner is not working, so she calls a repairman to fix it. Her husband, who is at work, has been neglecting her lately, especially her sexual needs. The repairman sees the hidden desire of Nanami and makes his move… It is an event in the midsummer afternoon that the cicada echoes in a row. The Aihara family’s air conditioner stops working amidst the hottest day […]