The Shackle (2000)
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The Shackle
 93 min | Year: 2000 |  South Korea

Yu-chol is an unknown writer. People don’t like his works because they are not public-oriented. His parents died in an airplane crash. Despite his lack of success as a writer, he is financially secure from money obtained from an insurance company. Yu-chol also has a dark side: he abducts, rapes and kills women. He secretly lusts after the wife next door. Misunderstanding the woman’s kindness towards him as mutual love, the psychotic man decides to “rescue” her from her husband.

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Cheating Notes

21:26 - The writer, who secretly abducts, rapes, and kills women, peeps at the couple next door having sex. The wife performs so well you can understand why the writer developed a lust for her.

35:37 - The writer enters the wife's house, wears her lingerie, smells her bed, etc. He humps her pillow on the bed while fantasizing that he is fucking her. We get to see a visualization of that fantasy. The wife and her sister suddenly arrive. They don't catch the writer, instead, he even gets his chance to peep at the wife as she undresses and takes a bath.

43:30 - The wife's sister has a hots for the writer. She enters his house and makes an advance towards him. They fuck, but it might not end well.

1:14:02 - The writer abducts the wife and rapes her while she's tied up. She doesn't scream because she says she doesn't want to beg for her life from someone like him.

Original / Other Title:  사슬

 Director:  Jo Myeong-hwa

Genres: Thriller

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  7 October 2000

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