Trespasses (1986)
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 90 min | Year: 1986 |  United States of America

There are still two things a man will die for. Love and revenge.

A couple of drifters rape Sharon. Unknown to her, her husband witnesses the whole thing from his bedroom window but is a coward and does nothing but cry. Franklin, a simple cattle farmer, and his son scare them away but his son loses his life in the process. Sharing in a joint tragedy, Franklin and Sharon draw close and begin an affair, to the chagrin of her husband. What happens when murder and romance collide?

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Cheating Notes

The wife's rape happens at 17:28. Her husband sees it from the bedroom window but is a coward and does nothing but cry. A middle-aged man and his son save her, but the rape is already done. The son is stabbed and dies.

The wife comes to the place of the middle-aged man who saved her and they fuck ( 50:41). In the morning, her suspicious husband smells her panties to see if she had sex.

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