A Fish Swimming Upside Down (2020)
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 103 min | Year: 2020 |  Germany

Andrea, a woman without a past, is the object of both Philipp’s and his son’s desire. A love triangle filled with expectations, longing and fears leaves open the speculation of who knows what about whom.

A love triangle on the border of conventional moral concepts: Andrea, in her early 40s, is a woman without a past - playful, direct, light, energetic, honest, unpredictable. She and 50-year-old Philipp have been together for some time and decide to move in together. Andrea's presence should fill the gap for the deceased Hanna, wife and mother of the house.19-year-old Martin is Philip's son and loves and desires Andrea too and his life is limited to his own four walls, jogging in the woods and meadows and the pool in the front garden. He gives both of them the cold shoulder at first. But she brings a new lightness into the large, empty family house and when she also turns to Martin, she becomes a projection surface for both men. For one summer, their longings seem to be fulfilled in a love triangle in which it is unspoken who knows what from whom. But expectations grow, and while Philipp withdraws into passivity, Martin develops ownership claims. The three of them become more and more destructive of each other - and ultimately become bearers of a common guilt. A reduced, well-composed arrangement of imperfect, deeply human figures fighting against inner emptiness.

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Cheating Notes

The son sleeps with his father's mature girlfriend who came to live with them (35:15). They have a few more kissing scenes and naked-together scenes in bed and in the bathtub after that.

The father has sex with his mature girlfriend on the floor at 19:25.

(Spoiler) At 1:41:04, the mature girlfriend kisses the maid. At this point, the son has died, so maybe the maid is her replacement for the son.

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Original / Other Title:  Ein Fisch, der auf dem Rücken schwimmt

 Director:  Eliza Petkova

Genres: Drama

Country:   Germany
Language:  German
Release Date:  21 February 2020

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