Bandido (1997)
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 90 min | Year: 1997 |  Philippines

Jigs' band does gigs at the bar of Marlo, who, with the protection of his politician father, has the habit of raping women. Marlo has his eye on Lara, Jigs' girlfriend and his band's vocalist, and eventually rapes her too. When she tries to get help from Jig's father, the old man's bodyguards beat her up, which causes her to die. Jigs plans his revenge and starts it by kidnapping Mercedes, Marlo's wife. While in captivity, Mercedes, who was also raped by Marlo but was forced to marry him because Marlo paid her parents, offers herself to Jigs to even things up. Jigs, who has good moral values, refuses her offer and frees her instead. When they meet again, it's undeniable that they have become attracted to each other and they start to make love, but Marlo is on their trail...

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Cheating Notes

Just a non-nude make-out and petting session between Mercedes and Jigs at the end part of the film. It doesn't proceed to sex because Mercedes' husband arrives with his goons and interrupts them.

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 Director:  Efren C. Piñon

Genres: Action

Country:   Philippines
Release Date:  12 October 1997

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