Barry Lyndon (1975)
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PG  185 min | Year: 1975 |  United Kingdom United States of America

At long last Redmond Barry became a gentleman—and that was his tragedy.

An Irish rogue uses his cunning and wit to work his way up the social classes of 18th century England, transforming himself from the humble Redmond Barry into the noble Barry Lyndon.

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Cheating Notes

At 56:40, Barry has an affair with a wife whose husband is in the frontline when she gives him food and shelter while he is deserting.

At 1:37:24, Barry meets Lady Lyndon and starts an affair with her. Her husband, upon meeting him later, asks him if he is done with his wife. When Barry feigns ignorance, her husband tells him not to do so as he tells him that he'd rather be known as a cuckold than a fool.

Brief kissing only in both cheating scenes.

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