Cuginetta… amore mio! (1976)
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 100 min | Year: 1976 |  Italy

Poor Leonida (Gino Pagnani) serves in the house of Count Aristide, his rich uncle with the hope of getting the legacy. At last, he dies in the arms of a beautiful maid, Ornella (Paola Maiolini) during an escapade. Rumors reveal that Count on his deathbed decided to leave everything to Marco (Claudio Ercoli), his illegitimate son who grew up secretly in a boarding school. The whole family of Leonida in the meantime had already moved to the luxurious estate of the Count and they certainly do not want to miss out on wealth, and therefore they put in place a plan to marry the heir Marco to Leonida's daughter, Nicoletta (Ziggy Zanger), the little cousin. Leonida's wife, Elvira (Ria De Simone), will also be the accomplice of the subtle plan in possibly lending her own cheekiness to the young Marco.

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Cheating Notes

Leonida's wife, Elvira, along with her daughter, plays footsie with Marco under the table during dinner (55:53). Later that night, she quietly leaves the side of her husband and enters Marco's bedroom to have sex with him. Her husband gets up too and fucks the maid in her bedroom. This happens more than once.

Original / Other Title:  Cuginetta... amore mio!, Love Sacrifice, Stop It, I Like It,

 Director:  Bruno Mattei

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Italy
Language:  Italian
Release Date:  19 May 1976

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