Desnuda en la arena (1969)
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 87 min | Year: 1969 |  Panama Argentina

Sarli plays the role of Alicia who is left behind with a young son when her husband goes to Panama to work. She has affairs with various men, which leads to extortion.

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Cheating Notes

Ok, so the description above says that Sarli is left behind by her husband when he goes to Panama to work, but it seems that her husband actually dies in a car collision at the beginning of the film. So maybe the description lacks some detail. Maybe, what really happened is that she is left behind by her husband when he goes to Panama to work and then dies there in a car accident.

So that means Isabel Sarli isn't cheating when she is having affairs with other men for the rest of the movie because her husband is already dead, so can I still include this in the site's list? You bet I can. I will always try to find an excuse to include any movie with the voluptuous classic beauty, Isabel Sarli, in it. Hmm, how about including it in the Girlfriend Sharing category? Yep, that will do. Because after her husband dies, she hooks up with this young, attractive guy. They go on dates, have sex, you know, the whole shebang establishing that they're in a relationship.

And then, the two connive to dupe rich horny guys. What they do is Isabel Sarli seduces these guys, gets them into hotel rooms and then her boyfriend comes in and takes incriminating photos of them, and then the couple blackmails them for money. At the end part, the boyfriend gets jealous of one of these guys. He interrupts the scheme they have set up against him and then beats him up (after which, he fucks Isabel Sarli in the car to appease her for ruining their plan).

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Original / Other Title:  Desnuda en la arena, Furia sexual

 Director:  Armando Bó

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Panama Argentina
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  12 March 1969

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