Extraneous Matter (2021)
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 61 min | Year: 2021 |  Japan

Compilation of the four short films in the Extraneous Matter series.

A young woman trapped in a loveless and definitely sexless relationship is attacked by an octopus alien that hides in her closet and while at first this is assault, it soon gives her sexual pleasure. By the end, everyone in her life, including her boyfriend, has partaken in the sexual nirvana that this creature can create.

After another day stuck in a monotonous relationship, a woman finds a strange octopus-like creature who 'attacks' her with climax-inducing tentacles in her wardrobe. This 'strange matter' quickly spreads throughout Japan, entrenching itself in the daily lives of various characters the film starts following, becoming something people get used to. This episodic indie by Kenichi Ugana, filmed in a raw black-and-white by Masahi Komino, giving the movie, where themes such as loneliness and alienation are explored with perversity and humour a jarmuschian feel. At 60 minutes long, the film takes a pensive turn at times, attributing a sense of unease to these creatures that take Japan by storm.

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Original / Other Title:  異物-完全版-

 Director:  Ken'ichi Ugana

Genres: Horror, Fantasy

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  24 September 2021

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