Insatiable Wives (2000)
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 96 min | Year: 2000 |  United States of America

She loved her friends... but she loved their husbands even more.

Donna is is unsatisfied with her sex life and jealous of her friends’ husbands. One night she wishes to have their life and wakes up the next morning to find that she has magically swapped places with them.

Donna is unfulfilled. In an unsatisfying marriage, she finds herself fantasizing about her sultry friends' husbands. But for her, fantasy and forbidden desires are about to be reawakened. Each morning, she will find herself in the arms of a different friend's husband, while her sexy friends seduce her husband, Tom in more ways than one. The art of seduction is animalistic. In a world obsessed with attraction and pleasure, she will experience her deepest desires and soon discover what you desire most, you cannot resist.

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Cheating Notes

The main wife (who has a fuck ton of sex appeal) dreams of waking up every morning being married to a different friend’s husband. She experiences what it likes to fuck some of them, among others.

The picnic scene at 28:00 where the main wife challenges her friends and their husbands to a game of truth or dare is quite sexy. Not just for the dares in the game, but for some of the main wife's dialogs, like "Hmm, then I'll just wrap my body around your husband..."

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  1. Wilfhunter, you should review and post Insatiable Needs (2005) two characters cheat, the main one a nurse who has a boyfriend cheats with a rockstar she is caring for. The band manager, a pretty hot one but prim and proper, also cheats with the rockstar. The build up and set up to the band manager and the rockstar is pretty hot, because til the sex scene we just think she’s all professional, prim and proper woman but shes been banging the rockstar behind her hubby’s back.

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