Intruso (1993)
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 86 min | Year: 1993 |  Spain

In childhood and youth, the three were "the inseparables." Luisa married Ángel, then two years later, she left him to marry Ramiro. After ten years, Ángel reappears, back from South America, broke and ill. Luisa is overcome with sentimentality and, over Ramiro's objections, takes Ángel into their house. Ángel is bitter, he and Ramiro have shifted from best friends to enemies. Luisa wants to be in love with both. Ramiro hopes he can wait out Ángel's declining health, and Luisa wants to heal Ángel through force of will. What is Ángel's plan? Observing the roiling emotions are Luisa and Ramiro's precocious young children. Who's in danger here?

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Cheating Notes

Luisa kisses her ex-husband Angel on the lips while he sleeps (48:22). He just pretends to sleep and grabs her for a more passionate kiss. She pulls away.

Luisa fucks Angel, first on the bed and then in the shower (50:27).

Luisa, with her husband Ramiro's knowledge but not his consent, comes into the bedroom of the dying Angel and fucks him (1:00:24). When she comes back to her bedroom, she tells her husband that Angel's semen is in her vagina. They then fuck, harder than how she fucked Angel (1:03:55). Maybe they got horny by the idea of her fucking Angel.

 Director:  Vicente Aranda

Genres: Drama

Country:   Spain
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  3 September 1993

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