Looking for Leonard (2002)
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 87 min | Year: 2002 |  Canada

Ted, his girlfriend Jo, and his brother Johnny are small-time robbers in Montreal. The brothers spend their time watching TV, while Jo rereads Leonard Cohen's novel "Beautiful Losers" and attends writing classes. Luka, a Czech immigrant, picks up Jo when he sees her shoplifting. When Johnny surprises Luka kissing Jo, he attacks him. In the ensuing fight Jo accidentally kills Johnny, and Luka leaves the scene, but drops his wallet. The police assume that Luka attacked Johnny after a break-in and Jo goes along with that, but feels guilty about it.

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Cheating Notes

So Luka sees Jo shoplifting at a grocery, introduces himself to her, and runs off with her when she gets confronted by a staff. They hang out and click together, which leads to Jo bringing Luka to her place. They start making out on the couch (30:34), but unexpectedly, the brother of Jo's boyfriend is there and sees them. He starts attacking Luka and Jo hits him with an object which accidentally kills him.

Jo tells the cops that a guy broke in and was the one who killed her bf's brother. However, Luka dropped his wallet in her apartment and the cops now think that it was Luka who broke in and killed the brother.

Later, Jo comes to Luka's place and they hang out again. He kisses her in front of his place. She kisses back but doesn't proceed further (50:30).

The two meet again and this time, Jo can't hold her excitement and kisses Luka first. They have sex but we only see the after-sex dialog (1:09:30).

The two say 'I love you' to each other while hanging out in front of Luka's place. When Jo returns home, her boyfriend, now suspicious, asks her what the fuck is going on. She doesn't answer and runs away and goes to Luka's place when her bf starts shouting and coming towards her.

Luka, Jo and her boyfriend have a final confrontation, which leads to her boyfriend shooting Luka because he thinks that he's the one who shot his brother.

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 Director:  Matt Bissonnette, Steven Clark

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Country:   Canada
Language:  English
Release Date:  10 March 2002

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