Love and Fortune (TV Series) (2018) aka Koi no Tsuki
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Year: 2018 |  Japan

Wako Taira is 31-years-old. She works part-time at a cinema close to her home. Her boyfriend is Fu-kun and they have lived together for 3 years. She has never thought of breaking up with her boyfriend, considering her age. One day, she meets high school student Yumeaki Iko. She can't resist him. Wako Taira has an affair with Yumeaki Iko.

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Cheating Notes

With sex scenes but non-nude.

Episode 1

Episode 2 - The 31-year-old chick gives the kid a blowjob in a videoke room.

Episode 3 - They go to a hotel to have sex. Two scenes.

Episode 4 - Sex at a hotel and then in his room.

Episode 5

Episode 6 - They have sex in the cinema storeroom. She is avoiding him at this point so she resists initially.

Episode 7 - They kiss on a slanted walkway and meet there a few times.

Episode 8  - She breaks up with her bf and moves to a new place where she has sex with the kid.

Episode  9 - Continuation of their lovemaking at the start of the episode, with pumping action but under sheets. They have sex again later, recording it with his camera. She gets jealous of his female classmate that she sees on his camera. She meets an older ex-lover (not her last bf) by chance and we get some flashbacks of them fucking. He gets hornier and hornier with his female classmate. His male classmate finds their sex film in one of his sd cards.

Episode 10 - She dates her ex-lover (but doesn't fuck him). The kid sees them and gets jealous. He comes to her place later and they kiss and have implied sex. Then, they fight because of her ex-lover.

Episode 11 - She gets hospitalized. He tries to fuck her in her hospital bed but a patient coughs intentionally and disrupts them. Her ex-lover visits her while he's there and she hides him in the next cubicle. When she gets out of the hospital later, he fucks her hard from behind in her place, as if to display dominance and show that she's still his. In the end, the ex-lover doesn't score with her.

Episode 12 - The only one with English subtitles.

Original / Other Title:  恋のツキ, Koi no Tsuki

 Director:  Yoshihiro Mori, Mai Sakai, Hana Matsumoto, Kenji Kuwajima

Genres: Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  14 September 2018

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