More the Merrier (2021)
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 112 min | Year: 2021 |  Spain

A couple trapped in a routine, a desperate girlfriend, a young man who disappointed his last love, two cousins who haven’t been together after their last summer together, and a group of friends who want to try an experiment experience a night where nothing goes as planned. The group that goes to a swingers club where there is no prejudice has only one goal, and that is to gain new experiences.

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Cheating Notes

Two couples try a night of swinging in one of their places, but only the wives end up fucking each other. So the two husbands are kinda pissed but not anymore when their spouses each gave them good sex brought about by the two wives pleasuring each other.

A soon-to-be bride comes back to the swingers club to get her engagement ring back and finds out that she had sex with a bartender last night. She fucks him again.


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