Nyitva (2018)
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 98 min | Year: 2018 |  Hungary

Relationship dramedy about an everyday couple adventuring through the confusing thrills of non-monogamy.

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Cheating Notes

A live-in couple tries swinging to stimulate their fledgling sex life, but when it's time to venture separately, the boyfriend gets mad when the girlfriend is able to fuck a lifeguard while he isn't able to fuck the nurse he's been lusting on.

17:58 - The couple goes to a swinger club. We see nude people fucking but the couple isn't able to join them because a medical emergency takes place.

49:15 - The couple meets a swinger couple. the swinger wife kisses the girlfriend in the bathroom. The couple then has a threesome with the swinger wife at their place.

56:40 - The boyfriend suggests to his girlfriend that they venture separately. She agrees, and fucks the lifeguard at the spa who's been hitting on her for a while (58:07). Meanwhile, the boyfriend fails to fuck the nurse he's been lusting on. When he comes home in the morning, he finds the lifeguard at their place. Of course, he's pissed and dumps on his girlfriend when it's his idea in the first place.

We see the boobs of other non-important female characters but the main girlfriend doesn't show hers.

Original / Other Title:  Nyitva, Open

 Director:  Orsi Nagypál

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Hungary
Language:  Hungarian
Release Date:  18 October 2018

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