Red Shoe Diaries (TV Series) (1992)
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 30 min | Year: 1992 |  United States of America

Jake takes out an ad in the newspaper after the suicide of his unfaithful fiancée, in an effort to understand the reasons for the betrayal. By soliciting the secret diaries of other women, he hopes to find some reconciliation with the truth.

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Cheating Notes

S01 E02: Double Dare

A married woman can't help but notice an attractive man, in an office building next to hers. Eventually, he starts sending her erotic faxes, and she replies.

S01 E05: Just Like That

Trudie works as a receptionist in a law firm by day and studies at law school at night. Her life is turned upside down when she falls for two attractive men at exactly the same time. Torn between two lovers, polar opposites, she must eventually pick a side.

S01 E06: Another Woman's Lipstick

Zoey's husband is having an affair, following and watching she's compelled to find out more about the other woman so she disguises herself as a man and has an affair with the beauty as well only to realize she loves her husband and always will.

S01 E08: Jake's Story

Still mourning his lost love Jake is seduced by a mysterious photographer who keeps him at a distance until she finally reveals her secret, she is married. Jake knows through bitter personal experience, just how dangerous a game this can be.

S01 E011: Weekend Pass

Chandler and her friends opt for a night of abandon at the local bar. After a bar room-brawl, she comes into wondrous contact with a beautiful drifter, Eddie, and the two embrace their Christmas Eve together.

Red Shoe Diaries S01 E11:Weekend Pass (1992)

S02 E03: Runway

Alia is THE model of the moment. She's hot and on top, and has a fashion photographer for a boyfriend, but all too aware that her youthful, gorgeous looks have been her only ticket in life and time is quickly fading that magic. Disenchanted with the seemingly empty and fleeting lifestyle of a supermodel, she enters a cab, strikes up a conversation with the cabby, Miguel, and discovers more honesty with this stranger than she had ever encountered in all her grueling hours on a runway. Intrigued by his brooding good looks, she turns the tables and the camera on him, hiring him for $1,000 to pose at her mercy... a day's work for Alia. Miguel's sensitive appreciation for Alia's fears gives her the strength to find fulfillment on the other side of the camera's scrutinizing lens.

Red Shoe Diaries S02 E03: Runway (1993)

S03 E02: The Game

Lilly talks about the Red Shoe Diaries board game - a contest of sexual fantasy and intrigue. Tell... Touch... Show... Wild Card. Lilly is caught in a whirlwind of passion and sensuality, more uninhibited... and more obsessed. Lily playing the board game with John leads to a swinging session with a married couple and to Lily pretending as a street hooker and accepting the offer of one client.

S02 E08: In the Blink of an Eye (1993)

Kathryn is a happily married woman until Rob, one of her husband's boxers, comes along. Handsome and virile, Rob pursues her, despite herself she is seduced by his passion until her husband discovers the affair and confronts them.

Red Shoe Diaries S02 E08: In the Blink of an Eye (1993)

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