Sevdah for Karim (2010)
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 95 min | Year: 2010 |  Bosnia and Herzegovina Hungary

Sarajevo, after 11th September 2001. Karim works as deminer in the hills around the city while waiting to be sent to Iraq with his group. His main reason - the money. But a love story with unhappy ending will change his life. It's a tale about a love triangle between him, his best friend Juka and Ivana, girl from Belgrade, but at the same time this is a story about the clash between West and Islam and how one young Bosnian copes with this issue.

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Cheating Notes

When Karim's friend, Juka, is held up at the police station, Karim fucks Juka's new hot girlfriend Ivana when she tends to his wounds after being thrown out of a bar (30:24). She's a free-spirited one and is the one who initiated their kissing.

Karim takes Ivana out hiking in the mountains (44:35). They kiss and make out on the ground and possibly have implied sex. When they come back to Ivana's place, Juka is there waiting for them, and he knows what's up between them two. He ties Karim to a chair and rapes Ivana in front of him to re-establish dominance and ownership of Ivana (52:10).


Non-nude but quite sexy.

Original / Other Title:  Sevdah za Karima, Yearning for Karim

 Director:  Jasmin Duraković

Genres: Drama

Country:   Bosnia and Herzegovina Hungary
Language:  Bosanski
Release Date:  1 January 2010

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