Sex with Love (2003)
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 108 min | Year: 2003 |  Chile

In Santiago, Chile, the schoolteacher Luisa proposes a debate about sex with the parents of her students with the intention of giving classes about sex education to the youngsters. She is a young independent woman that is split between the love for her young mate, the painter Valentín, and for her experienced lover, the middle-aged father of one of her students and successful writer Jorge. Jorge still lives with his wife Mónica, but their marriage ended and they do not even talk to each other, but his affair with Luisa is limited to sex and he doesn't seem to want a serious relationship. In the meeting, the parents are divided in groups, and Luisa stays with Jorge, and the couples womanizer Álvaro and his pregnant wife Elena and shy butcher Emilio and his frigid wife Maca. Álvaro is a wolfman who harasses all the beautiful women that he meets for one-night stands, is unfaithful and neglecting his wife at home. When Luisa finds that she is pregnant and Valentin is going to work in São Paulo, she makes a decision with her sentimental life. When Elena meets her former friend from university Carlos, Álvaro becomes jealous and tries to commit with her. When the liberated and independent niece Susan spends a couple of days in his home, the faithful Emilio is seduced by the sexy and gorgeous young girl, while Maca finds her sexuality, reading magazines and going to the gynecologist.

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Cheating Notes

Luisa, a schoolteacher, is cheating on her painter boyfriend with the middle-aged father of one of her students. They have several making-out and sex scenes.

Original / Other Title:  Sexo con amor

 Director:  Boris Quercia

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Country:   Chile
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  27 March 2003

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