Tanti (2011)
4.5 (2)

 90 min | Year: 2011 |  Romania

Marcel is a Belgian businessman, he is forty years old and he is married to Laura. He develops a passion for her. The second passion is fixed on the street children, because he loves Romania where they abound and where some discretion is enough for pedophile beginnings. Laura is forced to accept for the sake of a supposed harmony of the household. Soon, Marcel finds that his marital balance has become unstable. She feels frustrated and reaches the point of breaking up the marital relationship. She meets a group of young people at the seaside, and spends her money to attract them. They do not seem concerned about the age difference, the condition of this "aunt" among them is not surprising, especially since one - Fredi is really charming. Laura and Fredi's love starts awkwardly, then more and more stormy and possessive.

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 Director:  Serban Marinescu

Genres: Drama

Country:   Romania
Language:  Romanian
Release Date:  13 May 2011

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