The Art of Travel
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R  100 min | Year: 2008 |  United States of America

The art of travel is to deviate from the current plan.

High school grad. Conner Layne is about to marry his first love, but when wedding plans fail, he goes solo on his honeymoon to Central America, finding adventure with a ragtag group of foreigners who attempt to cross the Darien Gap in record time.

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Cheating Notes

At the start of a wedding, the groom distributes to the guests a picture of his bride and his best man together in bed.

Before that, the best man and the groom are talking in the dressing room. The best man knows that the groom and the bride haven't had sex yet. So he tells him that he's sure that the bride is a Ferrari in bed, and that "the shy, quiet ones always surprise you." No wonder he's sure because he personally test-drove the bride himself.

The groom goes traveling to Central America after that. He has a threesome with two female tourists (we see them nude but not the sex scene), and hooks up with a Latina later.

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