The Blue Room (2014)
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The Blue Room
R  76 min | Year: 2014 |  France

In their blue hotel room, a clandestine couple of two married lovers plan an impossible future, as death shutters their already frail tranquillity. Now, the noose tightens more and more around innocents and sinners; but, was there a crime?

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Cheating Notes

At the film's beginning, the wife and her lover have their most extended sex scene in a hotel room.

We see how the wife and her lover started their affair (11:00). Her car broke down in a remote location. he happened to pass by and helped her. They already knew each other since they were in school. She had a major crush on him but he didn't make a move because of their social class difference. They talked, kissed and had implied sex in the woods.

There are two more brief sex scenes between the two at 27:05 and 36:27.

Original / Other Title:  La chambre bleue

 Director:  Mathieu Amalric

Genres: Crime, Romance, Thriller

Country:   France
Language:  French
Release Date:  16 May 2014

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