The Legend of an Erotic Movie Star
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 93 min | Year: 1993 |  Hong Kong

A beautiful but dopey mainland woman leaves (but not divorces) her husband to get into movies in HK. She starts at the bottom and gets screwed (literally and figuratively). She is befriended by foul-mouthed hooker Amy, and pursues her dream.

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Cheating Notes

Info + Download Link: (Complete, uncut)

Watch Full Movie Online: (Cut. It seems a lot of sex scenes are missing. Incomplete by around 13 minutes.)

Original / Other Title:  北妹皇后

 Director:  Siu Bong
 Stars:  Liu Chi-Tak, Nam Yan,

Country:   Hong Kong
Language:  Cantonese, Mandarin
Release Date:  14 April 1993

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