Three for One (1990)
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 93 min | Year: 1990 |  Italy

A woman takes revenge on three guys from high school, romancing them at the same time and making them fall in love with her.

THREE FOR ONE stumbles and bumbles along as Ms. Castel's character weaves her web of intrigue, like a spider drawing three hapless flies into a trap. She passes herself off as three different women to the trio of lusty horn-dogs, each in search of his "ideal woman", and preys on each man's individual tastes. For the greasy Guido she's a raven- haired sexpot. For the brawny athlete and aspiring actor (who moonlights as a stripper!), she takes on the guise of an athletic free-spirit. For the suave, conservative, cultured blond guy she comes off as bookish, dresses in tweeds, and feigns modesty -- at first...then she smolders in the boudoir. She "works" these guys over and over, appearing to just one man at a time (in the respective disguise), while juggling -- and romancing -- all three.

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Original / Other Title:  Tre pesci, una gatta nel letto che scotta

 Director:  Bruno Mattei

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Italy
Language:  English
Release Date:  8 August 1990

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