Trespass (2011)
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R  91 min | Year: 2011 |  United States of America

When terror is at your doorstep. You can run. Or you can fight.

Kyle and Sarah Miller have it all: a huge gated house on the water, fancy cars, and the potential for romance in their relationship. He's just back from a business trip and their teen daughter Avery is sneaking out to a party, when four thugs in security uniforms and ski masks stage a home invasion. They want what's in the safe: cash and diamonds. As Kyle stalls them, trying to negotiate for Sarah's freedom, the fault lines in Kyle and Sarah's marriage and the pasts of the four robbers come into play. Is there room here for heroism?

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At 32:00, the wife (Nicole Kidman) has a very close physical interaction with one of the villains, like their faces are very close to each other and they are about to kiss.

At 49:00 and 1:08:13 are flashback scenes of another villain posing as a handyman or something, attempting to kiss the wife. Their lips touch, but she pulls away from him. She seemed to like him initially, though, with the kind of smile that she was giving him, so maybe that's why he got emboldened to kiss her.

I may miss some scenes because I just browsed through it, so do tell if I did.

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