Usotsuki Paradox (2013)
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 83 min | Year: 2013 |  Japan

Shunsuke has fallen for his colleague Hinako, but she is engaged, albeit in a long-distance relationship. She and her boyfriend meet on the odd weekends. She feels lonely at times. When one evening they are both working late and still in the office Shunsuke throws caution to the wind, reveals his feelings, makes a pass and plants a kiss on Hinako. Things should make their natural progression from there if nature takes its course, but then again they chart a different course.

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Cheating Notes

Should be watched with subtitles if you want to appreciate the drama.

The chick doesn't give in instantly, but progressively, to her co-worker because she's attempting to be loyal to her long-distance boyfriend/fiance. First, she just allows him to kiss her and grope her breasts. Then, she gives him a handjob in a public bathroom. Then, they jerk each other off while she's on the phone with her boyfriend, etc. Until finally, she fucks him in the third act. It's a very long lovemaking, like you are there with the guy as he fucks her from the start till the end. And the fact that all the nudity in the movie is reserved in that final sex act makes it all worthwhile.

The chick rejects the co-worker's love after their sex, even though she seems to be in love with him based on their several dramatic dialogs (she actually tells him directly that she loves him). She says that they were just fooling around and is going to stick to her boyfriend. (with English subtitles)

Original / Other Title:  うそつきパラドクス, Liar Paradox

 Director:  Kōta Yoshida

Genres: Romance

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  7 September 2013

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