Violent Saturday (1955)
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 90 min | Year: 1955 |  United States of America

Three hoodlums plan to rob a bank in a small town meticulously. But rarely does a perfect plan stay perfect when execution time comes. We get to know the story of some of the residents who are going to play a part, whether as a bystander, a victim, or a hero in the day of the robbery.

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Cheating Notes

The wife meets her lover in a golf club. Her lover touches her on her shoulder meaningfully, giving the impression that there's something going on between them. A waiter informs her that her husband is on the phone. She says she'll meet him there in the club for dinner. Out on the course, the wife and her lover almost kiss, but the wife is acting all emotional, so they didn't. Later that night, we learn from the husband that the dinner did not push through. His wife probably ditched him to be with her lover instead.

Violent Saturday (1955)

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