Virgin Forest (1985)
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Virgin Forest
 120 min | Year: 1985 |  Philippines

A story set in the Philippine Republic in the 1900s where a lass, her fisherman-lover, and a Spanish mestizo, are captured by Macabebe soldiers who are trying to capture Emilio Aguinaldo. A love triangle occurs.

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Cheating Notes

A love triangle occurs between a married woman, her fisherman-lover, and a Spanish mestizo when they go on the run and are captured by rebels.

At the beginning of the film, the woman and her lover are caught having sex in a fisherman's boat by her husband and two soldiers. They are detained in the town's jail. Meanwhile, rebels attack the town, leading the two to go on the run along with the Spanish mestizo.

The three are re-captured by the rebels. Some tribesmen from the rebel group gang-rape the woman in the jungle while their leader watches (42:50).

The three are able to escape. While they are under the care of a tribe, the woman has sex with the Spanish mestizo (1:15:26).

After some developments plot-wise, the three have a threesome in the jungle (1:56:23).

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