Without Men (2011)
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 83 min | Year: 2011 |  United States of America

There's a new boss in town

In a small and remote Latin American mountain village, all the men are recruited to fight in the country's civil war. Left to fend for themselves, the women of the town, led by Rosalba, slowly emerge from their supporting roles as wives and daughters to become unwitting founders of a remarkable new society: an all female utopia. When the men, led by an American reporter, return to try to reclaim their power, a clash of sexes ensues with unsuspected consequences.

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Cheating Notes

Virgelina's boyfriend is one of the men recruited to fight in the country's civil war. At 30:21, she, along with another woman, has sex with the town priest for the sake of procreation.

Rosalba's husband, the mayor of the town, is also recruited. While her husband is away, she falls for another woman. She dreams of having oral sex with the woman at 46:48, they kiss underwater at 52:54, and they have sex at 57:55.


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