The Pig Keeper’s Daughter (1972)


The pig keeper’s daughter is ripe enough to be married. Her father seems nonchalant about it, so it’s up to her mother to make sure that she finds a suitable mate, one who not only knows how to make a living, but also won’t disappoint her in bed. The first requirement she can easily test in regular ways. But the second one, well, she just might have to look personally into it.

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Director: Bethel Buckalew

Starring: Terry Gibson, Peggy Church, Gina Paluzzi

Genre: Erotica, Comedy

Country: USA

Hot Wife Scenes in The Pig Keeper’s Daughter

A lotion salesman visits the house of the pig keeper. He’s immediately mesmerized by the pig keeper’s wife’s cleavage and can’t stop staring. Upon knowing he’s a lotion salesman, the pig keeper expresses his disinterest and leaves them two to tend to his pigs. He tells the salesman, “I’ll go to my pigs, you can go spread it around here.” He might be referring to the lotions that he sells. However, is he putting a double meaning to it?

He pushes his wife to the salesman by thrusting his hips forward. Either he’s telling his wife to work the salesman up as a potential husband for their daughter, or work her up for herself, or just telling her, there you go, you like these lotion stuff and such, so enjoy yourself. The wife puts her hand on the salesman’s shoulder. Husband does not seem to mind and walks out.

The salesman starts demonstrating his products. He applies lotion to the wife’s hand. She says she’ll let him remove her blouse if he can give her a bottle of lotion for free. He agrees so he removes her blouse.

He starts applying lotion to her shoulder then down to her breast, to which the wife responds, “Now you stay at my shoulder, or it’s another bottle.” He gives her the bottle so she lets her massage her breasts.

Then he wants her to remove her bra, she agrees in exchange for another stuff.

This negotiation between them continues until she is down to her panties. They are already making out at this time and his hands are already all over her body. The wife says she will remove her panties if he gives her all his stuff. The salesman says yes, it’s all hers. So she unzips her panties, because it’s one of those panties with a zipper in front. The salesman is pleased and makes love to her in the couch.

Later, the salesman also applies lotion to the pig keeper’s daughter and fucks her in a tub outdoor. However, it’s actually a setup planned by the wife to get him to marry the daughter.

The Pig Keeper’s Daughter (1972)

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