Laruan (2022)


Camille’s kink is to invite her lover, Geoff, and whoever his current date is at the moment, for dinner and make love to him in a room in the house while her husband Rene is preoccupied with entertaining Geoff’s date. But when Geoff brings new date Thea, whom Rene takes an interest in, Camille’s gameplay is disrupted.

Ekis (1999)

March 4, 2022

Gene belongs to a kidnap-for-ransom gang but always treats his abductees with kindness. He is secretly having an illicit affair with his neighbor Dolor, who’s routinely being beaten by her husband.

Secret Love (2014)


A wife gets mad at her ex-lover when he moves into the house next door and starts hitting on her again. But how long can she stay mad when she’s sexually not satisfied with her husband and she knows that the guy can give her good sex based on their past trysts?