El Jefe (2010) aka The Boss
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The Boss
 90 min | Year: 2010 |  Colombia Canada Argentina

A black office comedy about a head of human resources who threatens to run away with his wife's best friend to escape the insanity around him.

Ricardo Osorio, Rioplatense Ltd. head of Human Resources, is struck between a job he hates and a depressing life. His newborn´s continuous crying, wife complaints, employees' problems, and absurd orders from his new boss have brought him to an edge. Fortunately, he has found some happiness between the juicy tits of Ángela, his best friend's wife. Convinced to change his life, Osorio takes all his savings and starts a series of deceptions and betrayals to escape with his lover.

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Cheating Notes

During a rainy night, Ricardo gives Angela, his best friend's wife, a ride home when she came to visit his own wife. Inside the car, her breasts are visible through her drenched shirt, which gets Ricardo horny so he starts flirting with her. She is receptive to his flirting so they end up fucking in a motel room (16:37).

At 43:07, Ricardo dreams of Angela (or his female subordinate who looks like Angela, I wasn't so sure) having group sex with several of his male officemates.

Some friends of Ricardo and his wife, including Angela and her husband, visit them at their place. When Angela goes outside to have a smoke, Ricardo follows her and starts making out with her (46:15). The kid of the other guests comes out and sees them so Angela fakes fainting in the living room later when the kid is about to tell his mom what he saw.

At 56:09, Ricardo and Angela have sex again in a motel room.

At 1:03:26, Angela visits Ricardo in his workplace and starts making love to him in his office. A mariachi band comes in so Angela has to hide under the desk. She looks sexy just being there hiding under the desk of a man who isn't her husband. She starts messing around under the desk, gives Ricardo a blowjob and a handjob while the mariachi band is playing, and also while Ricardo's officemate is talking to him at one point.

At 1:07:00, the two make out in Ricardo's car and then resume their interrupted office sex in a motel room.


Hot. Hot. Hot.

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Original / Other Title:  El Jefe, The Boss, El quemado, Burn Out

 Director:  Jaime Escallón

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Colombia Canada Argentina
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  25 December 2010

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