Decisiones: Tentacion Y Deseo (2010)
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 25 min | Year: 2010 |  Colombia

Daniel has a major crush on his married high school teacher Teresa, and he will look for any excuse to drop by her house uninvited! What happens when he confesses his love for her?

Teresa deeply loves her husband Ramiro, with whom she has been married for five years, but who has also become an impotent man due to a serious illness and cannot fulfill her. Daniel is one of Teresa's students who lusts for her. His opportunity comes when he comes to her house and asks her to be his private tutor. The temptation is born and the desire brings unusual consequences that change everyone's life forever.

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Original / Other Title:  Decisiones: Tentacion Y Deseo, Teacher's Pet Went Too Far!

 Stars:  Michelle Manterola

Genres: Drama

Country:   Colombia
Release Date:  14 January 2010

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