This House is Hot Love (2011) aka Ban ni Ron Rak
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Ban ni Ron Rak


A female student stays in a boarding house and starts a relationship with the young, handsome caretaker. Her female classmate goes there sometimes to study, and sometimes for pleasure especially when her classmate brings along her boyfriend. A drinking binge one night brings them to a situation they will never forget.

Details for the movie Ban ni Ron Rak

Other title: บ้านนี้ร้อนรัก (2011)

Starring:  Patty Phiyada, Rin Ladam

Genre: Drama, Asian Erotica

Country: Thailand

Cheating/Swapping Scenes in Ban ni Ron Rak

Note: Watched without subtitle.

Patty brings her classmate Rin, and Rin’s boyfriend in his boarding house to study. When she goes away to get something, Rin and her boyfriend start banging away in her bed. Patty watches them silently from outside the door.

Rin’s boyfriend seems to hit on Patty while they are alone in a cafeteria. Patty is confused, but will reserve this fact for later.

Patty’s affair with the young, handsome caretaker starts when a snake appears in her bathroom while she’s taking a bath. The caretaker saves her, wraps a towel on her naked body, and then removes it and bangs her in her bed.

One night, Patty, Rin and her boyfriend go to a bar and drink. Patty drinks a little too much and has to be carried by Rin’s boyfriend home. When they reach Patty’s boarding house, Rin tells her boyfriend to go ahead and bring Patty to her room. While watching them go, Rin smiles then proceeds to knock on the caretaker’s room herself. The caretaker opens the door then Rin kisses him. The caretaker doesn’t mind a hot, young female student coming on to him so he kisses back without hesitation and makes out and starts having sex with her.

Rin’s boyfriend calls her cellphone. He hears the ringing coming from the caretaker’s room. He follows it and sees her pretty girlfriend screwing the caretaker from outside the window. He stares at them for a while, uncertain what to do. Patty comes to her side and sees the action as well. She invites him to her own room, gets on top of him and screws him. Rin’s boyfriend looks at the camera and smiles naughtily, like he’s saying that it’s all good, since aside from banging his hot girlfriend, he also gets to bang her hot friend as well. So Rin fucking the caretaker is a small compromise.


Ban ni Ron Rak - screenshots
Ban ni Ron Rak – screenshots

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