Swap Meet at the Love Shack (1973) aka Liebesmarkt
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Seemingly endless parade of bavarian sex comedy Miss Steeger in this one makes it a must have.

Details for the movie Liebesmarkt (1973)

Other Titles: Emanuelle Meets the Wife Swappers, Swap Meat at the Love Market

Director: Hubert Frank

Starring: Monica Marc, Michael Maien, Ingrid Steeger

Genre: ComedyClassic Erotica

Country: Germany

Language: German

Cheating and Swinging Scenes in Liebesmarkt (1973)

Note: Watched without subtitles

There are several stories told in this movie. I will just list some, particularly those that have cheating or swinging scenes.

A couple’s swinging adventures.

Iris and her partner come into a mansion and swing with the couple living there. They switch partners and have sex at the dining table.

One time, while Iris and their swinging friends are hanging out, a nude couple arrives and tells their story. Apparently, their car fell into a cliff when they tried to have sex inside it while it is parked in a slightly angled rough road. They went inside a house and have sex. But the couple who owned the house arrived so they hid. The owners started fucking, so the hidden couple watched them and had sex in the process, too.

Iris goes to a forest where there are a lot of swingers. She blindfolds herself. Then, she gets tied by the male swingers and one guy starts to fuck her while tied in the post. She gets nearly burned by the campfire, but her husband is able to rescue her.

A postman gets lucky

A postman peeks through the mail slot of a wife’s apartment door and sees her naked while vacuuming the floor. He gets caught, but the wife is down with it. She brings him to her room, they get naked and they fuck.

A Lingerie salesman bangs a housewife

A lingerie salesman comes into a housewife’s apartment to sell her some lingerie. She wants a demonstration so she takes her clothes off and tries the bra if it will fit her. She makes the salesman take his clothes off to and they start making love.

Suddenly, her husband comes knocking on the door. She tells the salesman to hide behind the window curtain. He doesn’t have time to put his clothes on so they’re still spread out everywhere in the living room.

The husband enters the apartment and finds her naked. She starts putting on the salesman’s shirt. He asks her why he is naked and why she has an oversized shirt that is clearly for men. She tells him that it’s hot and that the shirt is comfortable to wear.

The husband finds her sexy in the salesman’s shirt so he tells her to pose sexily in the sofa and starts photographing her. He starts making love to her. Suddenly, he notices the feet of the salesman protruding on the foot of the window curtain. He gets angry and pulls the salesman out of the curtain. But it turns out that he knows him, so he laughs with him, offers him a drink and leaves his wife alone in the sofa. The wife is frustrated, because both men have forgotten about her.

The same lingerie salesman bangs another housewife

The salesman comes into the home of another housewife. But this time, he is so sleepy from overworking and falls sleep. When he wakes up, his clothes are off and the wife’s are, too. They start fucking.

Then, the wife’s husband comes home but he also has a female with him. The salesman and the wife hide under the bed. The husband and his female companion fuck on the bed, and after a while, the salesman and the wife start fucking under the bed too.

The husband finds out that the salesman and his wife are under the bed. He pulls the salesman out and throws him off the bedroom. His wife also throws his female companion out. When the couple returns to the bedroom, they are smiling and start to make love. So apparently, I think they allow each other to fuck other people.

Meanwhile, the salesman and the husband’s female companion fuck in the elevator.


Swap Meet at the Love Shack (1973) aka Liebesmarkt - screenshots
Swap Meet at the Love Shack (1973) aka Liebesmarkt – screenshots

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