Tobacco Roody (1970) – USA
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Tobacco Roody (1970)


A hillbilly has to comfort his stepdaughter for getting bullied by his two daughters. Meanwhile, his wife has bigger problems to take care of: a sheriff inquiring about the hillbilly’s illegal distilling activities, and a banker asking them about their delayed mortgage payments. The hillbilly takes care of his stepdaughter while his wife take care of the sheriff and the banker in typical hillbilly fashion.

Details for the movie Tobacco Roody (1970)

Director: Bethel Buckalew

Starring: Dixie Donovan, Johnny Rocco, Debbie Osborne

Genre: Comedy, Erotica

Country: USA

Cheating Scenes in Tobacco Roody (1970)

A sheriff comes to the hillbilly’s house, inquiring about moonshine and the hillbilly’s possible involvement. The wife tells him there’s nothing like that going on in their place while seducing him. She removes her blouse and then her skirt while talking to the sheriff. Then she lies on a table and lets the sheriff bang her. Later she makes the sheriff lie on the table and she mounts him.

Meanwhile, at the same time this is happening, her husband is busy banging their stepdaughter in the barn. Their two daughters also have something going on for them.

I never took off my clothes for no man, except my husband.

The wife meets the banker to talk about mortgage inside a van in a remote area. They are 16 payments behind in their mortgage payments, enough cause for a foreclosure. The banker tells her that if she removes her blouse, then he might consider giving her one part of the payment for the mortgage. The wife replies, “I never took off my clothes for no man, except my husband.” So the banker offers for the whole payment. The wife says, “Well, I suppose,” then removes her blouse. She proceeds to say “I’m embarassed.” This is all after she banged the sheriff inside her house without really showing any kind of embarassment or hesitation.

The banker and the wife plays this game where the banker tears one bill from the mortgage and she removes one article of clothing from her body. The banker gets to remove her clothing himself, touch her and kiss her body as the game goes on. When she’s all naked, he gives her all the bills so that he can fuck her. She tears all the mortgage bills and tells him, “Ok you bastard, bang away to your heart’s content!” then spreads her legs for him.

After she just fucked the banker, the wife goes home to her husband and fucks him while drinking some white lightning. Then she tells him “Sheriff ain’t worried about the still no more, and the mortgage is taken care of, how’se about one (more sex) just for the hell of it?”

In the last scene, the hillbilly and his wife are smiling and laughing. They’re happy, I like that.

Tobacco Roody (1970)

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