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When Paul dies, he leaves his wife Eve with a mountain of debt. As the police begin their investigation into Paul’s death, Eve is supported by a lawyer named Chollet, a friend of her husband who generously helps her to clear the debts she has inherited. Eve and Chollet become close, perhaps too close, and their intimacy soon begins to arouse the suspicions of the police..

Details for the movie My Wife’s Romance (2011)

Other Titles: Le roman de ma femme

Director: Jamshed Usmonov

Starring: Olivier Gourmet, Léa Seydoux, Gilles Cohen

Genre: Drama

Country: France

Language: French with English Subtitles

Cheating Scenes in My Wife’s Romance (2011)

Eve’s (Léa Seydoux) husband goes missing and she reports it to the police, accompanied by Michel Chollet, her husband’s fellow lawyer and former professor.

Eve finds out that her husband left a sizeable debt. She faints, gets hospitalized and tries to kill herself. When she gets better, Michel fetches her from the hospital, bringing her flowers. He tells her that he paid all of her husband’s debt. She wonders if he will ask for something in return. He tells her that he just wants to help her. When she gets off his car, she thanks him for the flower and kisses him on the cheek.

Eve contacts her ex, possibly to have comfort sex

Eve calls her ex and tries to meet him but his current wife gets in the way so she fails.

Eve spends time with Michel, maybe to get the comfort sex from him instead

Eve has lunch with Michel at his huge house. After that, they talk and Michel tells her about his wife and son who both died. Eve comforts him by holding his hand and kissing it. She lets her lips linger on his hand for quite some time, then she gazes at his eyes, seemingly an invitation for him to kiss her. Michel is a beta male, however, who doesn’t know how to handle such signals from a hot wife like Eve, so instead of ravaging Eve’s lips, he excuses himself.

Eve stays for the night, but they sleep in separate bedrooms. Eve gets up and knocks on Michel’s door, just barely covering her nightgown with a blanket. She says she wants to talk so Michel lets her in. She tells him about how generous and sensitive he is towards her, and how she has fallen for him. She even directly tells him “I love you”. And it seems her blanket has opened up more, exposing more of her sexy nightgown and her chest area including some of her cleavage. If this is not a signal saying she wants sex right there and then, I don’t know what is.

But our beta male does not know how to process this signal and continues to don the white knight persona. He tells her that she is just depressed right now because her husband disappeared. He asks her, what if Paul returns? She replies that her feelings for him won’t change. To make a long story short, he rejects her. The poor hot young alpha wife has to return back to her bedroom, rejected and deprived of sex by a beta male.

Eve and Michel  go to a bar, then they fuck

Michel calls Eve and they go to a bar. Initially, Michel does not want to dance so Eve gets up and dances with some random guy, possibly to make Michel a little jealous. It works, Michel gets up and dances with her. With the way that Eve looks at Michel and the way that she dances around him, it seems that she’s really into him.

Michel and Eve go home to Eve’s house and have sex after leaving the bar. Unfortunately, we do not see them actually fucking. We only see them in the morning, with Eve naked on the bed but covered with a bedsheet.

Michel may be responsible for Eve’s husband’s fate

A cop tells Eve that Michel may be responsible for the economic downfall of her husband, with the motive of getting her as a prize. She confronts Michel about it but he denies it. When she says that she doesn’t want to see him anymore as a lover, he tells her that he will leave all her wealth to her in exchange for being with him in the remaining years of his life. He tells her to be not too vulgar when she asks him “In return, I’d have to sleep with you?”

Eve encounters her ex

Eve encounters her ex (the same ex that she wanted to meet earlier but failed) when he is sent by Michel to buy some medicine for him in the early hours of the morning. Eve’s ex had been stalking her since last night, and in the morning he follows her while she looks for an open pharmacy and then tells her to get inside his car where he forcibly fucks her (not shown, just implied).

***** Spoilers below *****

Eve contacts her husband

Michel dies because Eve wasn’t able to give him his medicine in time. Several days later, Eve calls her husband. Apparently, he is alive and he and Eve plan all of this so that Michel will pay off his debts and even leave his wealth to Eve when he dies. I guess her husband is probably aware that their plan will unavoidably include Eve having sex with Michel. But does he know that Eve will try to contact her ex, to most likely have sex with him? Is that part of their plan too, maybe to throw prying investigators off?

Final Thoughts

Léa Seydoux is hot, and it’s too bad that she has no nude or sex scenes here, just some sexy dancing maybe, and some bare shoulders and some cleavage but that’s it. Nevertheless, just looking at her pretty/seductive face all through this admittedly slow movie is good enough for me.

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