Amazing Stories (1994)


With karma as the central theme, this intriguing movie is made up of three amazing stories. In the first one, a doll fairy punishes a man for sexually abusing his wife by burying itself together with the man in a fire. The second story tells about a fox fairy that sacrifices itself to save a hunter from being sucked dry by a vampire. The third tale depicts the surprising outcome of the murder of a restaurant owner whose wife has an affair with his servant.

Details for the movie Amazing Stories (1994)

Other titles: 野店

Director: Chin Ao-Hsin

Starring: Joyce Ni, Isabelle Chow Wang, Lam Wai, Tin Ching, Jackson Liu, Ko Chun-Hsiung, Siu Huen

Genre: HorrorAsian Erotica

Country: Taiwan

Language: Mandarin/English Subs

Cheating Scenes in Amazing Stories (1994)

There are three stories in this movie. The third story is the one with the cheating wife.

We see the young wife having a disgusted/bored look on her face while her old husband is on top of her and fucking her. It’s because he can’t please her sexually and can’t give her a child.

One day, a guy who looks like he just came from a battlefield walks into the restaurant of the couple. He orders some food and isn’t able to pay, so the couple demands that he works for them. So starting that day, the guy sleeps at their place so that he can start working the following day.

The guy checks out the wife

The guy sleeps in the restaurant area. So in the morning, the wife can see him sleeping while she is doing some clean-up and preparation in the restaurant. The guy wakes up and makes a seductive pose meant for the wife. The wife sees this and instinctively closes her jacket to cover her chest even though they are not really exposed since she’s wearing a shirt beneath. Then, she scolds him for not getting up yet to do work.

Later in the day, the guy checks the wife’s ass out while she is bent over washing the floor. When the wife notices this, he pretends that he’s not looking and walks away. The wife shows her annoyance and tells him that he’s there to work and not to look. The husband hears this and he comes to him too and reaffirms what his wife said, that he came there to work and not just look. He doesn’t know that ‘looking’ means ‘checking out’ his wife.

It’s the wife’s turn to check the guy out

In the afternoon of the same day, the wife is collecting dry clothes from the hanging area while the guy is washing his face and body nearby. It’s the wife’s turn to check the guy out, making her gaze towards him linger a little while he’s washing his face, as if his attention towards her is waking up her sensuality.

The guy notices the wife looking at him. He smiles at her while she stops staring and pretends she’s mad while picking up the clothes from the hanger line. This guy doesn’t waste time. If he gets an indication of interest from a woman, he grabs it, fast. So he gets close to the wife and gently caresses her face with her hand. When she doesn’t resist, he lowers his hand and starts caressing her chest area with his fingers too. When his fingers got too low down her blouse, she comes to her senses and slaps him and walks away. But she doesn’t tell her husband about this incident.

The husband is going to be away and will come home late

Still in the same day, the husband tells the guy that he will go downtown and will come home late and instructs him not to lock the door so that he can come in later. I’m not sure why he can trust leaving his house and his pretty wife to this guy who is a complete stranger to him, but there it is. What’s clear is that now, there is an opportunity for the guy to fuck the wife since her husband is going away.

The wife and the guy fuck

So the husband goes out, and we see his wife lying in their bed. She starts to think about the guy touching her earlier and has this aroused look on her face. Then, she puts her hand inside her blouse and starts rubbing her breast while thinking of the guy putting his hand around the same spot earlier.

The wife looks up and sees the guy standing at the entrance of the bedroom which has no door but only covered by a string drape. She stops what she is doing, but does not get mad and just turns her body sideways, opposite from the guy.

The wife turns around and is surprised when she sees that the guy really got close and is standing just beside her bed. He tries to touch her, but she resists, so the guy starts forcing himself onto her. He kisses her, removes her panties and fucks her in a standing position. She is still resisting at this point, but her hand clasping his shoulder indicates that she’s starting to like it.

The guy then lays the wife on a table. This is the part where she stops resisting. She starts kissing the guy’s chest area and surrenders herself to him. She lays down the table, spreads her legs and lets the guy fuck him. They later transfer to the bed and fuck in a sitting position, facing each other and with her sitting on his lap.

The husband returns

The husband returns in the morning and wonders why the guy is not in his bed in the restaurant area. Then, he sees him in a corner, putting his clothes on. It’s also from the same corner where his wife appears, fixing her hair and her clothes. It looks like they came from the same room and they just finished fucking (they probably fucked all night) and only starts getting dressed when the husband came in, but the husband doesn’t see any malice in this picture.

The wife asks her husband why he came back so late. He says he got carried away playing Mahjong. Then, the husband asks the guy about the scratch on his face. The guy says it’s the cat, but of course, it is the wife who did it during their rough lovemaking.

The guy and the wife fuck in the storeroom

The husband tells the wife to make an inventory in the storeroom and the guy to accompany her. So the wife and the guy does that, and of course, they fuck in the storeroom too (not shown). Later, they also fuck beside a well outside the house (shown), with the wife sitting on the lap of the guy.

The wife gets pregnant

Later, the wife tells the guy that she is pregnant and that it can’t be her husband who impregnated her since she hasn’t made love to him for some time now. The guy tries to leave, but the wife stops him and tells him that she will kill herself. So they plan to murder the husband instead. From this point on, there will be some weird scenes and some plot twists which will change the cheating wife angle a little bit.

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