Confessions of a Young American Housewife (1974)


An attractive but conservative mid-30’s housewife stays at the house of her sexually open daughter and soon becomes involved in her daughter’s swinger lifestyle.

Details for the movie Confessions of a Young American Housewife (1974)

Director: Joseph W. Sarno

Starring: Mary Mendum, Jennifer Welles, Chris Jordan

Genre: DramaErotica

Country: USA

Swinging/Cheating Scenes in Confessions of a Young American Housewife (1974)

Carole and her neighbor friend Anna are in Carole’s house when a woman comes knocking on the door. She’s looking for Carole’s husband, Eddie, and apparently, they are going to meet and fuck. Carole is annoyed, but not exactly mad. She even watches them have sex. She’s just annoyed that Eddie decided to meet the woman in their own house because he thinks that she’s not gonna be there at that time. When Anna asks Carole who the woman is, she replies that she’s just some young American housewife getting her kicks.

The reason why Carole is not that mad is because she and Eddie are in a swinging relationship with Anna and her husband Pete. But it all started when Carole cheated with Pete a few years ago. Pete used to drop by her home and fuck her when Eddie was at work. One time, Eddie caught them cheating but instead of getting mad, they brought in Anna and decided that they should start a foursome relationship instead.

Carole’s MILF mom arrives

Carole’s mom,  Jennifer (Jennifer Welles) arrives to live with her for a while. She is a widow, just in her 30’s and is a hot MILF. In fact, she is hotter and more voluptuous than her daughter.

One night, after Jennifer has gone inside her room, Carole, Anna, Eddie, and Pete have a foursome in another room. Although Jennifer may have heard her daughter moan, she’s clueless as to what’s up with the four at this time.

Pete makes a move on Jennifer

One day, while Jennifer is in the kitchen, Pete grabs her from behind and kisses her. Jennifer kisses back initially, but stops him and refuses. Pete makes a move again and grabs her boobs from behind. She starts to moan, kisses him and then repels him again and tells him that she can’t do it.

Later that day, Jennifer tells Carole that she will be leaving, but she did not directly tell her that it is because of the incident with Pete. This is where Carole tells her about her swinging relationship with Anna and Pete (“Pete screws me, with Anna and Eddie in the same room!”). So basically, Carole tells her mom not to worry much about it.

Pete leaves their foursome session to fuck Jennifer

That night, the two couples start having a foursome on the couch. While in the middle of it, Pete leaves them and enters Jennifer’s room and fucks her. Carole hears her mother moaning inside her room while getting fucked by Pete and she lets out a knowing smile.

The girls go to a yoga instructor

Carole and Anna bring Jennifer to a female yoga or kama sutra, or whatever instructor of some kind. They have a foursome. In the heat of the moment, Jennifer almost kisses her own daughter but stops herself when she realizes what she’s about to do.

A new neighbor housewife wants in on the action

Mrs. Carrie Fields, another neighbor, visits Carole’s home and gives the vibes that she knows what they’re up to and that she wants in. So the four let her in. While they’re having some action, Jennifer walks in on them. She has a staring moment with her daughter Carole while she is being eaten out. Carole looks at her while moaning and calling her ‘Mama’ repeatedly.

Jennifer hooks up with the delivery guy

Earlier in the film, Jennifer starts a relationship with a delivery guy. They have sex. But even if they’re already together, Jennifer fucks Anna and Eddie on separate occasions, so I guess that kind of makes her a cheating girlfriend.

In the final scene, Jennifer leaves her daughter’s home to come live with the delivery guy. Carole says that it’s because she and her mom are developing sexual feelings towards each other, and hence, her mom decided to leave to prevent it from developing further.


This is a nice erotic swinging movie from the 70s. Give it a try.

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