Carib-062212-055 Fucked in Front of Husband – Tied by Former Boss – Yui Hatano
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Yui Hatano brings lunch to her husband at his place of work. There, she gets reunited with her former boss and lover who is now her husband’s co-worker. Her ex-lover threatens to show a picture of them together in bed to her husband unless she agrees to fuck him right there in the place where her husband works.

Details for the JAV Carib-062212-055

Other Titles: Caribbean 062212-055


Starring: Yui Hatano

Genre: JAV

Country: Japan

Cheating Scenes in Carib-062212-055

Note: Watched without subtitles.

Yui’s husband asks her to bring him his lunch to his place of work. Yui obliges and goes to his office to deliver it. There, she encounters her former boss and lover, who is now her husband’s co-worker. After she says goodbye to her husband, her former lover intercepts her in a different part of the workplace and talks to her without her husband’s knowledge. He brings her to an empty office (looks like the boss’ office) and shows her a photo of them together in bed. He threatens her that he will show it to her husband unless she lets him fuck her inside that office.

So Yui has no choice but to do some kinky stuff with her ex-boss/lover at the office. He rips her stockings and fingers her on the couch. Then, she sucks him while he is standing up and she is kneeling on the floor. He cums inside her mouth. After that, he also fucks her while she’s seated and sprawled wide open on the executive table.

After their sex, Yui takes a nap on the couch naked to recover her energy while her ex-boss/lover calls someone on the phone.

In the next scene, Yui and her ex-boss are in the general working area of the office, where her husband’s working desk is located. She is sitting on the chair and tied up while he works on her vagina with a vibrator.

Suddenly, Yui’s husband comes in and is aghast at what he sees. Yui’s ex-boss/lover springs into action and successfully subdues her husband. He ties him up and resumes doing acts of perversions to her, this time while her husband is watching. He fondles her boobs, fingers and licks her pussy from behind while she’s bent over on the table.

The ex-boss unties Yui and makes her suck his dick on the floor while talking to and taunting her husband. Yui’s husband begs her not to do it but she does it anyway.

If earlier, Yui was crying and whining and has no control on things since she’s tied, this time her actions are practically by her own will as she bobs her head up and down on her ex-boss’ dick. When it accidentally pops out of her mouth, she gently reaches for it and puts in inside her mouth again, this time gently holding it in its base to make sure it does not accidentally pop out again. Sometimes she takes it out of her mouth to lick it from top to bottom and then back.

Yui seems to be savoring and making a real effort to give her ex-boss a fantastic blowjob and all of this is happening while her husband is watching in the background and begging her to stop.

Next, Yui’s ex-boss makes her lean on the table and fucks her from behind. Then he turns her around and fucks her standing up while moving her husband’s seat closer to them, making sure he gets a better view. He then sits on the chair and makes Yui sit on her dick, with her front towards her husband. Yui bounces up and down on his dick.

Finally, Yui’s ex-boss makes her lie on her back on top of a table, fucks her while he stands beside its edge, and cums inside her pussy. He moves the tied husband closer to his wife’s pussy to make sure he sees the creampie he made with her. Then, he exits the office, leaving the husband beside her wife who is still sprawled on the table and still reeling from being fucked in front of her beloved husband.

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