Carnal Wishes (2015)


When Rachel suspects Eric of cheating, her best friend Daphne refers her to Chase, a private detective. Chase’s investigation concludes that Eric is not having an affair. But when Eric finds out that Rachel had him investigated, he gets pissed and gets into a nasty argument with her. This sends Rachel to the arms of Chase for, you know, emotional and other kinds of support.

A Wife's Secret

A Wife’s Secret


Frank and Bethany are happily married in a loving but unfulfilled relationship. To satisfy her carnal urges, Bethany begins working night at an upscale brothel – not for the money, but simply for the thrill of it! She lives happily until one night she is recognized by Paul, a client of her husband’s business. When Paul threatens to blackmail her, she decides to tell Frank the truth, hoping he will forgive her. But what Frank […]

How To Train A Hotwife (aka Sex, Marriage and Swinging)


Julia thought her marriage was as strong as ever – until one night her husband, Carl, tells her that he’s fantasized about her having sex with another man. Afraid that this might be a sign of bigger problems, Julia confides in her girlfriend, Violet about her fears only to discover that Violet’s been hotwifing for years. Fascinated that happily married people can still engage in open sexual relationships, Julia and Carl begin testing their own […]