Agos (2005) aka Flow
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A story of a harmonious relationship ruined by temptation, distance and seduction.

Leonor is a loving and caring wife to her husband Enrico. Together they work hard in order to build a decent family of their own. The serenity of their relationship starts to be ravaged when Enrico’s company assigns him to work in Baguio. Conflict ascends when he meets the friend of his wife Dr. Elvira Manalo and Menchu her lodger. Sexual tension and forbidden union arise with these two temptresses as lustful and desires easily conquer Enrico. Will their marriage be saved? Agos is a story of acceptance and forgiveness. Starring Kat de Santos, Via Veloso, and Shanghai.

Details for the movie Agos (2005)

Director: Cesar Abella

Starring:  Kat de SantosVia VelosoShanghaiRizza Rossini

Genre: DramaAsian Erotica

Country: Philippines

Language: Filipino

Cheating Scenes in Agos (2005)

Note: Watched without subtitles

Enrico gets temporarily assigned to Baguio city and has to leave his wife, Leonor (Kat de Santos) alone in their home. Pretty soon, Leonor gets bored. She calls her friend Liezel and asks her that they go out.

The wife gets drunk and starts having sex with a male stripper

The naughty Liezel brings Leonor to a gay bar. Leonor, who is a loyal and a prim and proper wife, asks Liezel why she brought her there while expressing disgust at the male stripper dancing in front of them. But pretty soon, she starts enjoying the show and starts gently caressing her breast while watching Clark, one of the male strippers.

Leonor gets pissed drunk and Liezel, along with Clark and another male stripper, Kryven, brings her home. Clark and Kryven carry the unconscious Leonor inside her bedroom and lay her down on her bed. Clark tells Kryven to get out of the room, then he starts undressing Leonor, stripping her down to her panties.

Clark kisses Leonor all over her body, from her nice long legs,  to her breasts, and up to her neck. Then he kisses her in the mouth. Leonor becomes conscious and starts responding positively to Clark. She moans to Clark’s kisses and touches while her eyes are closed. She also kisses him back.

After a few minutes of being pleasured, Leonor opens her eyes and is surprised to see that it isn’t her husband that she’s making love to. She pushes Clark away from her and tells him to go away. After Clark left, she cries while looking at the picture of her and her husband.

The next day, Leonor tells her husband to go home. She confesses to him and tells him as a consolation that at least, the guy wasn’t really able to fuck her as she came to her senses. The husband forgives her, but that’s because he had also been doing some extra-marital activities of his own while in Baguio City.

The husband fucks his landlady and a female boarder who has a boyfriend

Enrico stays in Dr. Elvira Manalo’s house in Baguio City. Dr. Elvira has a female boarder named Menchu. Dr. Elvira is separated from her husband while Menchu has a boyfriend.

One night, Menchu hangs out with her boyfriend and another male on a videoke bar. While she is singing, her boyfriend is kissing her and touching her all over her body.

When Menchu arrives home, Enrico opens the door for her. A little later, Menchu enters Enrico’s room and has sex with him. Dr. Elvira happens to see them fucking and starts pleasuring herself in front of the bedroom door. She scampers away when Enrico notices her.

Later, Enrico also fucks the horny Dr. Elvira, but she’s single, so we don’t care much about that.

Final Thoughts

Kat de Santos has a hot body and a pretty, seductive face. Although she came to her senses and therefore, did not complete the cheating process, it’s still a very hot scene for me. I mean, even if a wife’s pussy is not penetrated by some guy, the fact that the guy is able to undress her and see her naked, run his tongue all over her body including her nice long legs and her ample breasts, and also able to kiss her in the mouth… that is surely enough for a normal, cuckolded husband to get bothered, noh?

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