Valentina… The Virgin Wife (1975) – Edwige Fenech

September 21, 2018

A wife is consoled by her uncle-in-law and nearly gets fucked by him. Later, she allows a French tourist to fuck her because her husband has erection problems. Also, the uncle-in-law gives a massage to the naked wife of his other nephew and may have fucked her.

Decameron n° 3 – Le più belle donne del Boccaccio


Consists of seven tales: 1. Filippa is prosecuted for adultery and strips for the judge. 2. A man fakes infidelity to see if his wife will take revenge. 3. Lidia is unfaithful in front of her husband and tricks him into thinking that it is all an illusion. 4. Isabella is making love to her lover in the bedroom when her husband suddenly comes home. 5. A new widow celebrates by pitting her lovers against […]

Fever (1991)

Fever (1991) – Marcia Gay Harden

July 18, 2017

Ray gets out of prison and wants to get back with Lacy but she is already married. He informs Lacy’s husband that he’ll be seeing her in the next days to try to win her back. Of course, Lacy’s husband is pissed. Ray scores a bit when Lacy makes out with him.