Before the Vigil (2013)
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Before the Vigil (2013)


Tsuya, a promiscuous wife, is in a coma because of cancer and may die soon. Her devoted husband contacts the men in Tsuya’s life, past and present, to inform them of her impending death. We see how this event affects the said men and we also get a glimpse of these men’s lives especially their relations with their own women.

Details for the movie Before the Vigil (2013)

Other Titles: Tsuya no yoru (original title), Tsuya’s Night (literal title)

Director: Isao Yukisada

Starring: Hiroshi Abe, Kyoko Koizumi, Maho Nonami, Yoko Maki, Shiori Kutsuna

Genre: Drama

Country: Japan

Cheating Scenes in Before the Vigil (2013)

Tsuya, the wife of Matsuo, is in a coma because of cancer. The couple has been living in Oshima island for 12 years. Through Matsuo and other characters in the movie, we learn the following about Tsuya.

Tsuya would search men on the Internet and meet them in Tokyo. Matsuo discovers her explicit emails with a married man named Hitoshi Hashikawa. Tsuya became obsessed with a local handsome young guy named Yu and would endlessly follow and search for him around the island. Matsuo knew about this and would follow her but not too close. But it seems that Yu found her an annoyance and did not really bang her. We don’t get to see any sex scenes of Tsuya with her men.

Another character in the movie named Minato is having a relationship with her boss. Her boss is married but is planning to divorce his wife for her. Mr. Ohta, one of the owners of the properties that she is brokering, expresses his attraction towards her when she visits his home one day to deliver some documents. Minato doesn’t have a problem screwing him even if she is involved with her boss. We get to see her sex scenes with these two old men.


Before the Vigil (2013)
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